Investing 101

First off, if you are the type of person to read an article on the internet and accept it as dogma, you should probably stop here. If you need facts but can accept a certain amount of ambiguity, then please keep reading. This article will end up being much longer than I intended it to... Continue Reading →

Your (Human) Balance Sheet

As mentioned in my introductory post last week (LINK), this is essentially the same article I wrote that was turned down last year by my old compliance department and inspired me of the need to go independent. While most advisors are keen to talk about the benefits of one financial product or another, they are... Continue Reading →


Since getting into the advisory industry, this is something I always wanted to do- start a blog dedicated to authentic, unbiased, uncensored financial advice and commentary that is more than the traditional bullshit funnel intended to solicit product sales. Last year, I wrote an article about what I considered to be every individual's 5 greatest financial assets:

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