Kyle Thompson is the Founder of Leetown Advisors LLC, a fee-only independent RIA headquartered out of Greater Des Moines, Iowa. Kyle worked for two other financial planning firms before going out on his own, primarily because they failed to live up to the vision he had for his practice. He also hates speaking in third person, so he was incredibly uncomfortable writing this.

Oh, screw it… Look, I do two things, and I do them well-

1) Financial planning for working professionals (ages 25-55). Student loans, career planning, debt management, budgeting, financial freedom. I charge a flat fee for this, and I don’t get paid to sell you products like mutual funds or life insurance. Beware of the bait-and-switch advisors that offer financial planning for “free”.

2) Advanced portfolio management. Most “advisors” sell mutual funds or investment programs they don’t actually control and have a pretty poor understanding of finance, investments, and economics. All my client portfolios are created and managed directly by me, at a level of complexity that directly reflects their needs. You could even say each portfolio is created on a “bespoke” basis (I really hate that word).

The purpose of this blog is to give out free, unbiased financial information without the bullshit. If there is something you would like to see me cover, feel free to contact me: kylet@leetownadvisors.com.

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