Since getting into the advisory industry, this is something I always wanted to do- start a blog dedicated to authentic, unbiased, uncensored financial advice and commentary that is more than the traditional bullshit funnel intended to solicit product sales. Last year, I wrote an article about what I considered to be every individual’s 5 greatest financial assets:

-Relationships (!!!)

This may seem fairly straightforward, but notice I didn’t say anything about mutual funds or life insurance. As such, the compliance department at my broker/dealer shut me down, and would only let me post boring, generic white papers written by someone else. Fuck that. I’m in this business because of a genuine desire to help people and make the world a better place, in my own way and with my own authentic voice. I have never been fond of censorship. So I began to plot my escape in order to launch my own independent fee-only RIA, and in the summer of 2017, Leetown Advisors was born.

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What the hell is Leetown? There is a long story behind the name that nobody will care about, but it is meant to represent the values which I seek to embody-

  1. Transparency of Fees- yes, I charge a minimum monthly fee for financial planning and investment management. This means there are no hidden commissions, and you always know exactly what you are paying me. This forces me to earn my keep, and prevents me from selling you unneeded products solely to make a commission.
  2. No Minimums, Ever- I firmly believe that people at all levels of wealth can benefit from financial planning, and in many cases it is those in the greatest financial hardship that need it most. Funny story, I was turned away by an advisor when I was in undergrad because I didn’t have enough money, though I would have happily paid for the service directly.
  3. Cutting Edge Technology- everything about my business has been designed with the client experience in mind. From paperless applications to online client portals to advanced analytics, I have invested in the latest technology to create a painless and positive client experience.
  4. Fiduciary First- I have taken a fiduciary oath to always work in my clients’ best interest. You would be surprised how rare this is.
  5. Financial Fluidity- I recognize that everyone’s financial situation is in a state of constant flux, and that financial planning requires ongoing changes to reflect that. This is why I charge a monthly fee, and meet with clients more than once per year.


I know I have been tooting my own horn a bit, but by no means are my words gospel; there are other fantastic advisors out there that I have infinite respect for yet have different opinions. This blog is not meant to be your sole source of information to dogmatically live your life by, but rather a guide to help you make your own decisions. I hope it is also at least mildly entertaining, because there is nothing worse than reading the sterile nonsense floating around that makes me want to claw my own eyes out.

Also, this blog is not an open solicitation to the world. Although I am currently taking new clients, I am not a good fit for everyone, and not everyone is a good fit for me. In fact, if you don’t think I fit the bill for what you are looking for, I will help you find an advisor that does. I have a tremendous network of colleagues that I would be comfortable referring anyone to, because everyone deserves to have an advisor that works in their interest. I am a big believer in karma, and know that all the value I give to the world will come back to me in one way or another. I want to work with people that share and appreciate my values. If that sounds like you, great- if not, feel free to email me and call me an idiot. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the content I put out, and am always open to questions and suggestions. (Note: my website is still under construction, when it is done I will post a link with more info about the specifics of Leetown).


Kyle Thompson
Founder, Leetown Advisors LLC

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