What Should I Do With My Tax Return?

No one likes taxes. Well, some people do. Those people are weird (I'm looking at you, CPA friends!). Everyone, however, likes getting money back from the government after tax time. The question is, what should you do with it? Should you invest it? Pay down debt? Or maybe put a down payment on a Ferrari... Continue Reading →

Debt Management For Dummies

Debt is a word that makes a lot of people uncomfortable. We don't like to think about our debts, much less talk about them. We have all made poor financial decisions, whether out of recklessness or ignorance, but that doesn't make you or your situation hopeless. One of the greatest issues I face with new... Continue Reading →

Cryptocurrency As An Asset Class

I have been meaning to write this one for a while, but with the events of this week, I can't think of a more perfect time. Up until this year, the financial services industry has largely ignored Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency craze. However, with Bitcoin up 20x since the beginning of the... Continue Reading →

Guidelines for the DIY Investor

For the record, this article is not in my best interest. It would be much smarter to say that investing is complicated and best left to professionals, and that there is no way a non-professional can compete with, let alone beat, the risk-adjusted returns of a professional advisor. While this makes me want to go... Continue Reading →

Leetown Letters (v2)

Leetown Letters is a weekly newsletter intended to provide sound, legitimate literature on the topics of finance, business/entrepreneurship, personal growth, and whatever else I damn well please. Below are links to and commentary on [mostly] third-party articles/books/videos that I think are important and worth a look. Article: 6 Personality Traits of the Wealthy and Successful... Continue Reading →

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